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John & Peter (The Twins)

St. Andrew’s Parish Church

The church and religion mean much to us both. The church we attend is a couple of minutes walk from our house. It is part of The Church of Scotland and it is a modern multi-purpose building comprising the main church hall and a smaller hall too.

Multi-purpose means that the church is used all through the week by the community for things as varied as children's play groups, youth groups, dance schools, lunch club, keep fit classes, rainbows brownies guides and many other things too.

For the service on Sunday the comfortable chairs are laid out and the main hall becomes the church we all love. We are in charge of the church printing equipment producing the Church magazine and the Order of Service booklet each week as well as doing other jobs that need done in the day to day running of our church. Changing light bulbs for instance

Since February 2012 we have no Minister (pastor).  Our previous minister had a ‘call’ to another church and our church has become ‘vacant’. We are now in the process of looking for a new minister along with our partner church at Old Kilpatrick Bowling with whom we are ‘linked’. It is up to the church congregation to find a new minister. We hope and pray that we will get a  minister soon. There is a shortage of ministers in the Church of Scotland as with most denominations these days.

However we are very fortunate to have Rev. Alastair Ramage as our “locum” minister. Alastair is a very caring man and he is keeping us all in good spirit until we find a new minister to lead us.

You can learn more about our church by taking a look at the Church web site.

We welcome visitors to the Sunday morning service which starts at 10:00am.



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