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John & Peter (The Twins)

Where We Live

Our home is in Dumbarton, Scotland. Dumbarton is a town about 14 miles north-west of Glasgow. It has a population of around 28,000. Until recently there was a thriving  Scotch Whisky industry here but that is now all but gone. We still enjoy sampling that drink though! This area now has mostly light industry, but  much employment these days is focused on the service and tourist industries.

We are very lucky with the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Loch Lomond is only ten minutes away by car and with the Lomond Shores visitors centre at the head of the Loch many more are coming, making tourism a very important part of the local economy..

The house that we live in is our own. It's a three bedroomed villa although the smallest bedroom (and it is very small) is in fact our "studio". This is the room in which we spend a great deal of our time and it contains computing equipment, hi-fi and video gear as well as the place where we make up our Web Site.

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Dumbarton Rock topped by historic Dumbarton Castle ruins from Levengrove Park


Dumbarton High Street


Our own wee castle

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